New OTBP promotional videos online.

When we first started work on Wilderness Adventures Off The Beaten Path™, the internet was dial-up, and you paid by the minute. There was no online video. Today, however, that has thankfully changed. Broadband and internet video services like YouTube change everything. In rebuilding this site, we knew we were going to incorporate clips of these videos. The first of which are now online.

These promotional videos, however, only provide a glimpse of what the entire video series is all about. The promotional videos are limited in several ways: foremost, the only surviving copy of these videos is from a VHS tape that was made for a hunting & fishing expo where we had a booth. Clearly nowhere near the quality of the finished videos, nor is it representative of the stunning imagery on the source tapes.

However, we decided, that something was clearly better than nothing so, while we are beginning the process of redoing the video series with today’s technology, we digitized that old VHS tape, cleaned it up a bit, and uploaded the videos onto the web. It didn’t have all the promotional videos, but it had six of the eight adventures, and a promotional video for the whole series. We decided to include this series promotional video here just to give you a flavor of what is to come.

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