Wilderness Adventures Off The Beaten Path™ is a unique video series. Not produced by some big corporation, but a small family production that really highlights what is unique to Alaska, and some of the great people working there. This series of eight videos was Executive Produced by Peter Burokas and Produced by his son, Anthony Burokas. Peter handled logistics, planning, talent, lodging and much more. Anthony selected the gear, directed the multi-camera production, edited the series and continues to work with the source and edited media today. This web site is a culmination of their work.

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Our Original Video Series

The series itself was a vast departure from what was available at the time- “guy centric” outdoor videos that primarily focused on fishing or hunting. Peter and Anthony sought to create something truly fresh. We sought to find a woman, Elizabeth Barnes, to host the series, and endeavored to highlight women in each and every episode. Women love the outdoors as much as, or even more than men. We had a female composer, Andrea Clearfield, produce all the music. We had a woman, Susan Ruff, design all the packaging. When we needed a voice over for one video, we again sought a woman to provide the appropriate voice talent.

The video series is available for sale in Alaska. Retailers from Fairbanks to Arctic Circle to Deadhorse/Prudhoe Bay carry it on their shelves. We are in the process of migrating all the content to DVD and producing new disks. We are also in the process of making the videos available as direct rentable downloads through various outlets. We are looking to completely re-edit the series from the source tapes with today’s computing horsepower to produce a higher quality, more interactive video experience. And, lastly, we are looking to reshoot the entire series. We have already started this with our most popular video- Dalton Highway.

It is an exciting time for us. These adventures, though videotaped a decade ago, will always be new to someone who knows nothing about bears along the side of the road, towns that have no roads to them, and roads that go for miles with not a single soul in sight. We are excited to be bring this series up to date and to a whole new set of venues and audiences. We look forward to hearing from you, our audiences, as we go forward. That is the reason for this new web site- to involve our viewers as we never could before. You can discuss the video series, or any of the particular adventures on these pages. You can ask us questions, or just tell a story about your adventure.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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