Dalton Highway

Road trips go back to the dawn of the automobile itself. But not all road trips are created equal- some are great for where you’re going, some are for what you drive through on the way. The long sojourn up the Dalton Highway is definitely the latter.

The W. B. Dalton Highway, now open to civilian traffic, is the long, lone road north from Fairbanks to the very top of Alaska, Deadhorse and Prudhoe Bay, where the oil is pumped and begins its journey down across Alaska through the Alaska Pipeline. It is a grueling and lonesome highway– with bears, sheep, caribou and moose for company… and lots of mosquitoes.

We show you the few stops where you can fill up and get some food on this long highway journey. We visit the few notable locations along this trip, Finger Rock, Yukon River, Coldfoot, Wiseman, and Atigun Pass. We also meet and talk with people along the way who reveal what kind of person seeks out the unique lifestyle that you find in the far north.


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