Glacier Climbing

Glacier Climbing tapeFirst, Glacier Climbing flies you along the edge of a glacier and then deep into the Wrangell Mountains to the Tanner Glacier. This is a very large “river” of ice flowing (slowly) off the Begley Ice Field- the largest non-polar piece of ice in the world. Here we learn the basics of ice climbing- the tools and the techniques- with an incessant cold wind to make it challenging.

Later, we are joined by the St Elias Alpine Guides on the Root Glacier for more in-depth instruction and an even higher challenge as we attempt an ice wall three times higher than the one before. Here, in comfortable 80 degree weather, in a valley of trees, we tackle our most picturesque ice challenge. Not impossible, but it sure looks it at first glance.

Producer’s Notebook: our cameraman had to learn these ice climbing skills at the same time. Not only did he have to learn these skills at the same time as our host, but he would also have to mix these skills with his background as a videographer in order to record her ascent on the ice… read more.


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