Native Alaskan Villages

Native Alaskan Villages imageHundreds of years ago, native Athabaskan Indians lived off the land. They fished for food for themselves and for their dogs- dogs who provided their transportation and companionship.

Today, it might be hard to believe that people still live off the land. But for the most part, some still do. They may have a radio, a CB and maybe a snowmobile, but they fish and hunt for the majority of their food and raise families at home.

We take a boat journey down the Yukon river and visit towns ranging from the bustling 600 person metropolis that is Ruby, to Roy Folger’s place, where we get “serenaded” by guitar, mandolin and two truly unique voices.

Producer’s Notebook: At one stop, a family that lives on the bank of the Yukon opened their home and their lives to us and never asked for anything in return. The wife appears on camera talking about how they smoke the salmon they catch so they have fish to eat for the year. At another stop when we asked for permission to spend the night camping. The owner, after showing us around his fish camp, came down to our camp and serenaded us into the night around our campfire… read more.

Buy the tape, meet the people, look for mammoth tusks, hear the bear stories and take a unique trip into the heart of Alaska.


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