River Rafting

River Rafting imageOur “Source to Sea” adventure began at the melting edge of the Kennicott Glacier. Here we rode the turbulent and below freezing waters as they joined up with the Nazina, Chitna and finally the Copper river, on their way to the Pacific Ocean.

Our journey took us far from any road, through sweltering summer heat and storms of freezing rain. We live out of our boats, sometimes catching our dinner out of the very rivers we ride on. We see eagles, bears and beautiful sights– including a lake bordered on two sides by actively calving glaciers.

It is a trip you can only experience in few places in the world. It is also one not for the faint of heart. Truly primitive camping, sitting in an inflatable boat all day, sometimes stopping for meals- sometimes not, and waking up in the morning to find fresh bear prints nearby, is not what most people call a fun time. But for others it is the adventure of a lifetime.

Producer’s Notebook: to power the gear for this 10-day sojourn into the wilderness, he ended up getting the same solar panels that our US military used in the first Iraq war. That problem solved, he also decide to bring along two main cameras, which was fortuitous because we lost one while shooting the glaciers in the lower Copper river… read more.

You should not miss this journey. Learn how to keep comfortable as the temperatures change drastically, how the beautiful scenery we see was formed, and how the guides came to be where they are today- in tough, but beautiful jobs.


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