Dalton Highway HD™ is done.

In preparation for the Spring travel season, the DVD of Dalton Highway HD is now finished. It includes a Full-HD version of the video as a data file playable in any media device, smart TV or portable player. As soon as it is approved, it will be available worldwide for streaming rental via YouTube. It will also be available on Amazon for purchase and streaming. We hope you enjoy it as much as we have enjoyed putting it together for you.

When it is approved for rental, it will be here <www.youtube.com/watch?v=p7rLsPJnKqE>

Take a very unique 1 hour trip up what has been called the most remote road left in America.

In this relaxed journey, we’ll stop at the Yukon River, Finger Rock, The Arctic Circle, Coldfoot, Chandelar Shelf Atigun Pass and the North Slope. We’ll encounter Grizzly & Black bears, Moose, Caribou, Musk Ox and Eagles. We’ll also see the majestic beauty of the Dalton Highway as it winds over hundreds of streams and rivers. Through millions of acres of Spruce and Birch trees to Alpine tundra above the tree line and finally, to the vast openness of the North Slope.

This is not a high-powered, in-your-face reality TV show. This is honest filmmaking by Alaskans who live on the highway itself, and for whom this remote wilderness is a daily way of life. This is a glimpse of life that few travelers every get to experience.

Shot in Full HD by a father & son production team, it was edited over the course of two years in a remote bush cabin in Alaska- where the generator only provides AC power for a few hours a night. Where there is no running water. No phone service. Satellite internet is sporadic and any inclement weather blocks it out completely.

This is where the moose walk through your front yard, and where you may come back to your cabin to find a bear tore it apart looking for food. This is sustenance living. And, amidst all this, we made a film about what it is like to travel up this desolate highway to the top of the world.

This standard definition DVD includes the entire film with chapters that make it easy to get back to the parts you like. The DVD also contains a H.264 movie file that you can play on your favorite media device, tablet computer, or smart TV in full HD.

We encourage you to enjoy taking this trip as we enjoyed making it for you. We’re not some big corporate machine pumping stuff out. We literally worked on this one video for over two years. We’d love to hear from you and look forward to your feedback.


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